If Medea is the true expression of Istria, we want to introduce you to Montiron which achieves the full potential of Istrian Malvasia!

Montiron is a wine with an exceptional pedigree. Medea Winery tells the story of a nearly 50-year-old vineyard located at the very south of the peninsula where a Malvasia very much fit for aging is grown.

The vineyard occupies a grand cru position near Šišan. The grapevines here are of an old biotype, planted at a density of only about three thousand vines per hectare. They grow on terra rossa soil which is rich in layered stone, giving the wine a recognizable minerality which is expressed through the optimal ripeness of the grapes. Ideal climatic conditions – dominated by sunshine throughout most of the day and excellent aeration of the vineyards – provide the basis for this structured wine.

Montiron retains the freshness and lightness of a young Malvasia while providing the seriousness of one that has been aged for a long time. It is the best of both worlds. This is partly because of the age of the vineyards, and partly because it is aged in barrique barrels. And in part because each bunch of grapes is picked and processed by hand!

It is undeniably a wine that paves the way for many others in Istria.

Montiron is our white jewel, a regular favorite of Croatian sommeliers and those looking for Malvasia’s “more serious” side. Yum!

  • Montiron

    14,00  (105,48 kn)

    Malvasia, white dry wine, 0.75l