Punta Greca

From one of the most spectacular vineyards in Croatia – an excellent wine!

Produced in limited quantities, and from a practically grand cru position, Punta Greca is one of the leading Croatian red wines and the crown jewel of the Medea winery.

In order to fully understand Punta Greca, it is necessary to see the location it comes from. It is as if it were created for a premium wine. The 3.4 hectare vineyard is located next to Ližnjan, on the spectacular Cape Punta Grkova on Marlera. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides. It is also Istria’s southernmost vineyard. We truly love it!

Punta Greca is not produced every year. Unfortunately, the weather conditions – sometimes very extreme for a vineyard – do not allow for it. The grapevines are directly exposed to the wind, salt sediments, and daily sunshine. But that is precisely why it is a special vineyard and a special wine.

Not many know that this part of the world has been cultivating Merlot for more than a century and a half. This wine was aged in wood for 18 to 24 months and then filled into Burgundy bottles without filtration. Each bottle is numbered.

Punta Greca is an exceptional terroir wine. Together with a strong prevalence of clay particles, the red soil and sand, vineyard is exposed all day long to winds on both sides of the peninsula giving them a unique character.

We are proud to offer these limited bottles.